We believe that the law plays an essential role in supporting civil society, economic development and democracy. Our vision is of a society where everyone understands the role and value of the law and has the capability and opportunity to use it to ensure their rights and to fulfil the obligations that accompany these rights.


Our charitable purpose, set out by Royal Charter, is to “promote the advancement of legal education and the study of the law in all its branches.” We do this so that those working in legal services can be equipped to meet legal needs to the highest standards and reflect the diversity of our society. We also do this so that individuals and organisations with legal needs can learn about how to use the law so as to secure fair treatment and protection.


  • We see the Foundation as part of a mutual endeavour, establishing engaged and supportive relationships with others around our Vision and Mission, sharing expertise, building alliances and bringing people together.

  • We seek to listen and learn. We underpin our work with good information and analysis, continually building our knowledge of the field, helping those with whom we work to examine the results of their work robustly and assessing critically the aggregate impact of our work.

  • We seek to be a trusted voice, using our knowledge, networks and independence to influence those who can effect change.

  • We recognise that one of the greatest assets the Foundation has is freedom. This enables us to be bold, to support work that others cannot, or do not, and to take a long term view.

  • We recognise that the assets of the Foundation exist because of the historical efforts of many people and that we must use the opportunity this has created to best effect. This means marshalling and deploying our resources thoughtfully and, as an organisation, maintaining the highest standards of operational and administrative efficiency.

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