The Foundation has a special interest in the use of technology within the Civil Courts system. In particular, we aim to influence the development and operation of the online court in a manner that maximises the ability of individuals to secure just outcomes in relation to their rights and protections.

We worked closely with Lord Justice Briggs during the consultation phase of his Civil Courts Structure Review and submitted a formal response to the consultation.

We monitor, and comment on, the progress of the HM Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS) on their “Transformation – Courts and Tribunals 2022” programme, as well as wider issues affecting the use of technology within the courts system, particularly ‘online courts’.

Civil Courts Structure Review

Lord Justice Briggs’ Civil Courts Structure Review was published in July 2016.

This followed a consultation period to which the Foundation contributed fully, both through discussion with Lord Justice Briggs and through a formal response document.

Transformation – Courts and Tribunals 2022

The HMCTS programme to overhaul the way that the court system operates is underway. The “Justice Matters” document sets out some of the key ideas and principles.

As decisions are taken and progress is made, the latest programme news is posted on the “Inside HMCTS” blog. The latest posts from this can be seen below, together with a link to the blog itself.

From time to time, Roger Smith addresses the progress of this important programme on his TLEF funded “Law, Technology and Access to Justice” blog. Relevant posts from him on this subject can be seen below.

Inside HMCTS

The HM Courts & Tribunals Service publishes this blog promising “regular posts on our digital transformation along with features on the people and teams from across HMCTS who deliver our services”.

The full blog can be found here:

Law, Technology and Access to Justice

The Foundation hosts this blog, where Roger Smith discusses various aspects of technology and the law. Posts relating to the use of technology in the courts are shown below.

The full blog can be found here:

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