Since our launch in January 2013 we have granted £26.5 million to more than 190 organisations, supporting more than 440 different projects throughout the UK. From training barristers to manage vulnerable witnesses to teaching primary school students about their rights, the aim is to find innovative projects that can change our citizens’ understanding and access to our legal system.

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The Foundation supports all areas of legal education where this advances the following objectives

  1. To increase public understanding of the law and the capability to use it.
  2. To advance high quality thinking, training and practice in legal education and legal services so as to ensure legal needs are met.
  3. To increase access to employment in the legal profession and, in particular, to advance social mobility and diversity.
The Foundation has also identified the following areas of focus and interest, or themes

  1. To explore the implications of the vote for Brexit for the areas covered by our strategic objectives.
  2. To develop the role of social welfare legal advice needs in health settings through legal education with health professionals and development of models to expand the provision of services.
  3. To influence the development and operation of the online court in a manner that maximises the ability of individuals to secure just outcomes in relation to their rights and protections.
In addition to funding direct legal education activities relating to the above, the Governors recognise that the following approaches, or tools, can contribute: 

  1. To develop a robust evidence base of needs in each of the areas above and of effective ways of meeting these needs.
  2. To understand the role that technology can play in achieving each of these objectives.
  3. Work on law reform, policy and regulation to create a supportive environment for the delivery of these objectives.
  4. Communications activity to disseminate learning and to create a supportive environment for the delivery of these objectives.

Further details of the Foundation’s objectives can be found here.

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