Eligibility and Exclusions

Eligibility and Exclusions


Applications to our main grants programmes are only accepted from legally constituted organisations undertaking charitable work in the UK. While the majority of grant recipients will be charities, we can also fund limited companies (including CICs) and private law firms for activities that advance TLEF’s charitable objects and are not profit-making.

Applications can include all costs related to achieving the hoped-for outcomes, including staffing, volunteer expenses, consultancy, travel, venue hire and a reasonable contribution to overheads. We mostly fund revenue costs but can cover modest capital expenditure directly related to the work, such as a computer for a new staff member.


We will not fund:

  • Work that does not advance TLEF’s charitable objects
  • Work that falls outside the Charity Commission guidance on campaigning and political activity
  • Work that does not advance TLEF’s strategic objectives
  • Work that has already taken place.
  • Work that does not have a direct benefit in the UK.
  • The provision of legal advice where it is not delivered as part of legal training.
  • Projects related to commercial law.
  • Awards, prizes or one-off events that are not part of a broader programme the Foundation is supporting.
  • Projects where a TLEF grant would directly replace or subsidise government, legal profession or university funding, including the costs of law clinics.
  • Infrastructure for pro bono legal advice.
  • Capital expenditure on buildings and vehicles.
  • General fundraising appeals.

We are unlikely to fund:

  • Organisations with fewer than three Trustees, company directors or partners.
  • Organisations with more general reserves than stipulated in their reserves policy.
  • Organisations that are in serious financial deficit.
  • Small-scale projects without the capacity for system influence.

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